Sunday, 10 February 2013

~ Cosmic Purple ~

Hola! Here are some pictures of my current manicure. I'm wearing W7's Cosmic Purple - which is blue and pink square glitter in a purple base. This is two coats.

<3 blurry glitter

In this picture the polish reminded me of the OPI liquid sand polishes.. it looks so anti-smooth!

For so far Cosmic Purple! What are you guys wearing today? (: 


  1. Oh, what a coincidence !! I just got this one in the mail yesterday ! It's so damn beautiful, I can't wait to try it ! x

    1. That's funny! It is really pretty but it smells very bad haha :D W7 makes great polishes, I love love love Moonlight (I used that polish here: you going to take pictures of it? Your pictures always look great! I think that when you wear top coat with this one it looks even better.

  2. Thank you, I followed you back! I like the way you edit your pictures, suits the style of your blog!


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