Wednesday 16 January 2013

My most frequently used base coats

I think it's bad that I never wrote something about my base- or top coats! I didn't include them in my stash file and I hardly ever mention using them, but they serve me every time I paint my nails... so after the jump there's a little something on my base coats, the top coats will be starring in their own post.

GOSH - Fix base coat

About two years ago I bought this base coat for just €2,50, yay! ^^ I think this one is mostly used to accompany GOSH holographic, which I unfortunately do not own. I use this base coat when I want to wear glitter or duochrome polishes. I think it smells like glue and chocolate... hehe.

Catrice - Smoothing base coat

This base coat is truly amazing! It's supposed to have 'silk ingredients' in it... interesting... well, whatever they put in this base coat - I love it. It does a great job at evening out the surface  of my nails (I used it for this manicure), it dries quick and it has cute pink glitters in it. What more can we ask for? Maybe we could wish that this product was still in stores. As you can see, this is Catrice's old packaging, and I don't think 'she' sells base coats anymore...

OPI - Original Nail Envy

This stuff makes my nails so strong! I use it a lot but it doesn't fully protect my nails from staining - probably since it's not officially a base coat.

Essence - Carry me home! Peel of base coat

I bought this base coat when it was part of a limited edition. It's still for sale but in a different bottle:
I read a lot of good stuff about this - but somehow I can't really make this polish work.
The drying time is terribly long so maybe I never waited long enough... When I try to peel my nail polish off after a few days, I can only remove small pieces at a time, not the full 'sheet' of nail polish. The next time I'll use this base coat - I'll wait longer and see if it works better for me then!

What are your favourite base coats? Any tips on a perfect budget base?(:

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  1. De Peel of basecoat heb ik ook, en ik vind hem erg fijn!

    1. Hmm.. hoe gebruik jij hem precies dan? (:

  2. I have such brittle nails, I should definitely buy that OPI polish!


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