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Name: 'L'Ongleterre' is my own composition of the French words 'le' (the), 'ongle' (nail) and 'terre' (land/earth). It's thereby supposed to mean 'The world of nails'.

Subject: Anything that has to do with the activity of nail painting (or using nail polish in any other fabulous way)!

Age: L'Onglettere has been online since September 25, 2012. After the summer of 2013, I stopped blogging for about a year. I started blogging again in October 2014.

Author: Eva, 22 year old student from Amsterdam. When I'm not painting my nails I read, practice my lucid dreaming skills or dance! To contact me, please write an email to ongleterre@gmail.com or share a comment on the bottom of this page.

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