Tuesday 29 January 2013

My most frequently used top coats

After writing about my most frequently used base coats it is time to say a little something about the top coats I like to use! I don't use top coat that often. I don't really need my manicures to last long since I like changing what's on my nails every two or three days. When I do use top coat, I probably grab one of these three bottles!


Essence - top speed gloss
This is a thin top coat that dries very fast. I use this when I wear very cheap, fast chipping polishes and don't feel like a thick sealing coat.

Saturday 26 January 2013

Girly Polkadot French with MAX nail stamps

Hello dear readers (: I was quite excited about doing this manicure because I used something I was curious about to create it. At Action, I found a very cheap nail art stamping kit. Though I allready own two Konad sets, I decided to buy this becayse I didn't have the included plate yet, and it was just €1,- ! It's not the most perfect manicure ever but I thought it was very cute and I wanted to share it :D

Thursday 24 January 2013

Something Suzi Said

On facebook, OPI asked followers to post questions for Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the Executive Vice President and Artistic Director of OPI (glad I could found her position on Wikipedia, that's a long title - I'd love to carry it though...). The most 'liked' questions were answered by Suzi, and one of them I found especially interesting and I just had to share with you:

My first thought was this: "WOAAHH THAT LONG?!"
Second thought: "Omg Suzi knows what I'm wearing on my nails two years from now..."
And my final thought, still running to my mind: "I wish I could work with her and help thinking about colours and names" <3 I secretly love it when polishes I buy have only a number and no name... I just make up my own name then ^^

I guess my favourite OPI polishes are Nail Envy and Rainbow connection, Suzi did a great job on that last one. What's your fave?

Wednesday 23 January 2013

All I can Confetti

Hello there! Today I have a happy, bright manicure to show you! I bought Catrice I All I can Blue with 50% reduction and I knew I had to do a festive manicure. I took this post from 'The boxes under my bed' as my inspiration.

Saturday 19 January 2013

Primark flower nail wraps

 I read good things about the Primark nail wraps on other blogs so I decided to get them myself. To see what I think of them and what they look like click the 'read more' button :D


Wednesday 16 January 2013

My most frequently used base coats

I think it's bad that I never wrote something about my base- or top coats! I didn't include them in my stash file and I hardly ever mention using them, but they serve me every time I paint my nails... so after the jump there's a little something on my base coats, the top coats will be starring in their own post.

Monday 14 January 2013

~ Elves like lilac ~

I found this Essence polish on sale for just €1,- ! It's very fascinating - in my pictures you will see a mostly blue sparkle, but in real life I discovered pink, purple, and even a little bit of green shimmer!

This polish is part of the limited edition 'Fantasia'
With flash

Saturday 12 January 2013

Shot by a golden gun

My boyfriend got me a lovely polish - again! This time the (apparantly not so?) limited 'The man with the golden gun' by OPI. This polish is so special!! As if real gold flakes arent luxurious enough, it also comes in wonderful packaging.

Friday 4 January 2013

Duochromed 70's

I've been wanting to do a little stamping on top of a duochrome polish for quite a while, and now I finally did it! I don't own a lot of polishes that work for stamping but fortunately GOSH bubble gum does the job pretty well! I used an Essence stamping plate and I noticed that the thin parts of the image did not transfer very well... if anyone has tips on this - let me know! :D
And now for some images...

Tuesday 1 January 2013

NYE nails

For New Years Eve (happy new year by the way!) I knew I wanted something sparkly... but I didn't feel like using glitter polishes because I hate taking them off. So I used two of my flakies polishes (and no top coat - they need that though, the polishes don't shine that much). I won't be posting in a while so enjoy these last pictures :D