Wednesday 26 December 2012

How I failz mah Nailz

Sometimes, things just don't work out. Here is two manicures gone horribly wrong.. I really wanted to use the polishes from the Technic set my mom bought me.

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Tuesday 25 December 2012

Polish Presents

Holiday themed nail art! Yay! :D I'm not that big of a Christmas fan but I like matching my nails with special occasions so after seeing all those other beautiful nails online I just had to create something of of my own :D (although I didn't exactly invent this one, I saw many other polish lovers who did a manicure like this one)

The (first - lol) red polish I used is from a big set with 18 (eighteeeen!!!) polishes in it that my mom bought me. The set is from Germany, but I'm not sure where this brand called Technic is originally from or where it is sold. I do know about an eyeshadow pallet from the same brand which was a big hit with Dutch beautyblogs because it was cheap (we Dutch love cheap) and highly pigmented.
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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Kawaii Star Nails ^.^

This manicure turned out looking like something a girl from Japan would wear... So that's why I named this Kawaii Star Nails ^.^!

I love the Essie polish I used as my base, turquoise & caicos. It needs three coats though (without nail art on top of it might even need four), but the colour makes up for it. I stamped stars on the top and finished my nails with MAX 'daimond sky' (I'm not spelling this wrong, it says 'daimond' on the bottle).

Thursday 13 December 2012


For this manicure I used this post as my inspiration.

I was actually planning to do glow-in-the-dark-watermelon-nails, but the glow in the dark polish I applied somehow responded very weirdly to either my OPI nail envy, or my Essence express dry drops. It lifted up at the sides o.O. I could peel it right off!! It also showed strange white area's, mostly near the sides of the nail.

So I peeled/acetoned that off... and grabbed a polish I had on my 'intending-to-wear-shelf'. Then I saw Full Metal Jacket standing on the table and appealing as that polish is to me I just HAD to combine the two into one manicure (even though I allready wore FMJ earlier this week). VOILA!

As for the colour of the HEMA polish I used... I first wanted to name this manicure Princess Peach but I wasn't sure if this polish actually IS peach-coloured... It seems light pink in some light, then the next moment it looks almost coral or orange...The finish is also very mysterious, I spy shimmer but also bigger shaped particles, so I guess we'll have to call this a subtile glass fleck!

Sunday 9 December 2012

- Full Metal Jacket -

This amazing beauty definitely is the most foil-like polish in my collection :D. I'd call it metallic since there still are visible brush strokes... Nevertheless, this is one hell of a shiny polish!! I also like the silvery-gold colour, I think I might like this better than more yellow shades of gold.

Artificial light

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Monday 3 December 2012

- Cosmic Green -

Gotta love this happy glitter polish by W7! I think I used two coats - three would really make this manicure perfect.


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