Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sweet jelly sandwich

I decided to try out something new: a technique called "Jelly Sandwich".
For this type of manicure, you use a polish with a jelly finish, with a glitter polish in the middle. The jelly polish is the bread and the glittery one the spread.

If you want to buy 'It's a trap-eze' from China Glaze's most recent collection, don't, because the jelly sandwich is a great DIY-dupe! You would have to use a more grey-lavender jelly though.

Here's what I used:
MAX - neutral
Bourjois - Rosé sulfureux
OPI - Rainbow connection

Sandwich order:
One coat of the MAX polish
One coat of rosé sulfureux
One coat of rainbow connection
Two coats of rosé sulfureux

That made quite a thick but lovely sandwich =)

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