Saturday 22 June 2013

Budget Love with MAX Peach

I went to Action last week (a very cheap Dutch department store), and I was happy to see that their nail polishes were on sale! I bought three nice shades for €0,39 each (their usual price is €0,59). The first one I'm going to show you is 'Peach'.

When I came across this polish in the store, I thought I remembered that I already own a MAX polish named 'Peach'.. but with an entirely different colour. "Nahhh I must be mistaking", I thought, but.. I wasn't, and here's the proof:


I guess that even from these horrible pictures anyone can tell that these are totally different shades haha!
The 'new' Peach is way more peach than the previous Peach. I was hoping that I had finally found myself a dupe of the long lemmed Essie polish 'Tart deco'. Unfortunately, MAX Peach looks a bit darker on the nail than it does in the bottle... So I don't have a dupe here - but it still is a lovely polish!

MAX polishes have a smaller brush but that is no problem for me. The formula is thin, but not too thin, which makes application very easy. I used two coats. I love how bright and summery Peach is <3!

The two other polishes I got are Deep Sea and L.A Red. Those reminded me a lot of two other polishes I own: Barry M Ridley Road and Essie Meet me at sunset.

In real life, Deep Sea and Ridley Road seem to have the exact same colour.  L.A Red is more pink/red than Meet me at sunset, but both polishes have the same brightness. I might put on a dupe alert blogpost if you guys are interested, so let me know if you are :)

Who else loves Action and their polishes? :D


  1. Mooie nagellak! Zo'n dupe alert post lijkt me ook wel leuk :) x

  2. Love that shade of orange/peach... It always strikes me as such a summer-y colour!


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