Wednesday 3 July 2013

2013 Nail Art Challenge: (5) using a technique you haven't tried before (failed)

I was afraid that I was going to fail at this part of the challenge... something I haven't tried before.. when was the last time something went right the first time I tried it? Like I expected.. this manicure is quite a fail. It was supposed to be a spotted water marble... yup...

After this disaster I thought: let's try water decals! I haven't ever used those - and they can't be that hard to appl, right..? Right..?
Fun patterns :D
I chose a fun "Louis Vuitton-meets-panda" design:

 Hm. Not great. So what exactly was so hard about this?

  1. Cutting the decals to the right shape
  2. Placing them perfectly, without wrinkles
  3. Not cutting/placing the decals upside down... like I did 
  4. Applying top coat without ruining everything
I guess I just have to practice with these... :')

After all these depressing pictures of my two 'failicures' I would like to give you a nice sneak peek!

 As soon as the sun starts to shine again I hope to show you more of these beauties (in a succesful manicure). Here are two coats of the blue polish:


Hope to be blogging soon again! As always; thanks for reading :)


  1. Die spotted water marble vind ik wel heel leuk geworden, ook al is het misschien niet helemaal hoe het most zijn. Erg leuke kleuren heb je ervoor gebruikt.
    Water decals heb ik ook wel eens willen bestellen maar ik ben niet zo handig en ben bang dat het bij mij ook niet wil lukken.
    De holo's zien er geweldig uit!

    1. Thanks voor je reactie! Ik heb nog water decals liggen die je NIET hoeft te knippen dus ik hoop dat het daarmee beter gaat :) die kan jij vast ook gebruiken!

    2. Bedankt voor de tip! Dat zal vast een hoop gepruts schelen.

  2. I really like your water marble and I think this isn't a fail!
    The color combo is great <3
    Just the rough surface is a bit failed -.-

    1. Thanks for your comment! :) Maybe I should have just applied tons of gelly top coat haha!

  3. I know the marble wasn't what you were going for, but I think it was a really good combination of colors! If they didn't blend together with topcoat you could probably just coat it with a glitter and no one would think it was a fail!

    1. That's a smart way to fix a failed manicure! Top it with something... crackle might work as well.

  4. I actually like how your first design turned out, it is like a neat marbled look! And that holo is so gorgeous!


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