Saturday 27 July 2013

Casuelle colour changing nail polish - # feel like midnight sky

Hello dear readers! I'm really glad you're reading this post after me being away for so long - you are so loyal (: !  I hope you're all enjoying the summer - I sure do. I've been on a lovely holiday to Hungary. While everything was amazingly cheap I didn't buy any nail polish there.... I did buy some stuff here in Amsterdam, though:

Nail wraps/foils keep fascinating me, because you never know what you're gonna get till you try them. I got these at one of my favourite cheap stores called the 'Daily Style'. Not much in the store has got style, but they sell just about ANYTHING you can think of + my favourite instant noodles. 

One set contains foils with a really small flowery print:

The second package holds cute red foils with glittery golden hearts:

I hope to be trying the foils out soon. Now let's take a look at today's swatches! #Feel like midnight sky has a lovely lavender shade when 'cold', and a bright, sky blue shade when 'hot'. I applied three layers of this polish. The coverage is fine,  #feel like midnight sky is just a little patchy. It dries to a satin kind of finish.

#lovely polish... for just #2,99
Here are some shots of the polish in its lavender form:

And here's what it looks like when my hands are really warm:

And some pictures with mixed looks (including the famous 'colour-changing-polish-french'):

I really enjoy wearing this polish and I sure hope you like the pictures I took :)


  1. I think it's some pretty cool pictures you took! :)
    And I like the look of the nail stickers!

    1. Thank you! I like the stickers as well, I hope they work...

  2. Heel gaaf lakje! Die blijft boeiend.

  3. Ziet er erg leuk uit!

  4. Another lovely color! I really need to add some thermal polishes to my stash! Sort of a funny name, though. It's pretty, but a hashtag? Haha. =)

  5. Ik blijf dit zo leuk vinden, wil het echt nog graag eens een keer proberen! :) Mooie kleuren ook trouwens. Liefs, Savannah.


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