Wednesday 7 August 2013

~ This is it 'Siona Island' ~

Hello nail polish lovers :)! Here I am again, with some bad news but a nice polish to show you!

Bumped my index... argh ^^
After spending a week at home, I went to Barcelona with my boyfriend. You have to visit this city, it is amazing! We bought tickets online for some places we wanted to visit, which was a great decision because we could skip the lines and take all our time to look at Gaudi's brilliant work. We heard a lot about the pickpocketing that's going on in Barcelona so we were very careful, but unfortunately my new bag (I had it for just a week and it was bright mint green.. mehh :( ) got stolen on our last night... Luckily, it didn't contain any money, bank passes or my identity card, but I did loose some souvenirs I bought, my city guide (including post-it's), my phone, and worst of all: my camera with all our pictures. So to portrait this lovely polish, I took pictures with my boyfriend's iPhone. (All are in natural light, wearing three coats)

I (like a lot of nail polish girls) don't prefer polishes with a pearly or streaky finish. I expected Siona Island to have a finish like that, but I really liked its colour and slight duochrome effect so I decided to give it a chance. I also thought that it might look a bit like Chanel Azuré.

Picture from
It's definitely not a dupe. The colours are not similar enough and the duochrome effect is stronger in the Chanel polish. I do think the polishes create the same tropical atmosphere. I feel like a mermaid when I wear Siona Island (which I googled, by the way, and it doesn't exist. Saona Island does, though).

Siona Island doesn't even have a very pearly/streaky finish! It's more like the finish duochromes and metallic polishes have.

Here is a picture I took of polishes I bought during my holidays! The speckled one looks really gross here, it's colour is a lot more fresh than it is in my picture, haha! I took swatch pictures of the Bourjois polish (green fizz) in Barcelona (on the top of Casa Mila (or 'La Pedrera')), but like I mentioned they are gone now :(. I will definitely show you this polish in some nail art soon though, because it is amazing, and probably my new favourite!

Thanks for reading! I hope you're all having great holidays! Please share your plans and the places you've been to :)

 - for the Dutchies: I bought this polish at Intertoys for I think... 2,49 -


  1. Jeetje, wat balen dat je tas gestolen is. Geen fijn einde van je vakantie.
    Lakje is erg mooi. De groen gespikkelde lijkt me ook super.

    1. Ik ben bang dat de groene niet zo goed zal dekken, maar we zullen zien! Thanks voor je medeleven :)

  2. What a gorgeous shade, I really like it! How awful about your bag though, damn...

  3. Such a beautiful teal! I love how bright and cheerful it is. Ah, so sorry your bag got stolen... that sucks.

    ~ Yun

  4. Super mooi kleurtje voor de lente,love it <3


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