Sunday 26 October 2014

Nail art + pictorial: raspberry cake

Hello dearest polish lovers! It's time for some simple freehand nail art with a pictorial. The pictorial might be unnecessary because I think it's pretty obvious how this manicure was created. But hey, I took pictures between my steps so why not add them? :) Enjoy!

1. Start with freshly filed and base-coated nails! I'm using Essence's nail hardening base coat.

2. Paint your nails with a fresh, light shade. This is Zoya Jacqueline.

3. Apply a bright shade on the left side of the nail using the brush that comes with the nail polish. Try not to put on too much polish because it will make the part near the cuticle very messy. I applied Revlon Rasperry Rapture.

4. On the right side, apply a third shade. I chose a Technic polish.

5. Final touch: a matte top coat!

I like how simple the idea of this manicure is. Execution is usually a bit harder as you can tell... I still think I did pretty good on my right hand though! But... note to self: start doing clean-ups.

Right hand
Left hand
I think the nails look interesting from the sides. From one angle they seem white and brown, from another white and pink.


The colours of this nail art reminded me of white and brown chocolate raspberry cake... Doesn't this one just look delicious?


Here's what I used:
Essence - Hardening nail base
Zoya - Jacqueline
Revlon - Raspberry Rapture
Technic - (unnamed)
Hema - Matte top coat

Did you ever do nail art that reminded you of food...?

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