Wednesday 29 October 2014

The Monthly Man-icure: October

"The monthly man-icure?", I can hear you think, "what is that?". Well, it's L'Ongleterre's latest item, and my plan is to make it a recurring one! 

This item is a twist on the classic 'My boyfriend chose my nail polish'. For 'The Monthly Man-icure', Sebastian, my lovely boyfriend, will pick out one to three nail polishes and I have to create a manicure with those. 

After snooping around my stash he proudly presented me these polishes:

Thanks to the bf for hand modeling

These are OPI -You only live twice and Catrice - Heavy Metallilac. If you want to know how I used these two for my manicure, read on...

Sebastian's reasons for choosing these polishes are as follows: "I chose these polishes because I thought their shine looked similar in the sunlight. Therefore, I thought they would look nice together."

His reasons are very cute but all I could think was: nooo... red and purple... that hardly EVER works haha! I thought the colour combination was pretty hysterical so I chose a nail design to suit the madness: interlocking dots!

Red and purple... why?

My opinion: I am pleasantly surprised! The combination of colours scared me at first but the manicure looks pretty cute. I'm definitely looking forward to next month's Man-icure! 

His opinion: "When Eva applied the polishes on a piece of paper I thought: these colours don't suit each other. I do like the colours on her nails though but I thought the purple would be a bit lighter and would blend in better with the red."

He chose:
OPI - You only live twice
Catrice - Heavy metallilac

As a top coat I used:
INM - Out the Door

How do you feel about this first man-icure?

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