Sunday 22 March 2015

Beauty Bloggers Battle 2.0 [Fairytales]: The Frog Prince

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news to share. I'm competing in Romy's second Beauty Bloggers Battle! She hosts the battle on her blog where I write guest posts.

All the information on the battle can be found here but I'll explain it shortly. I'm competing against seven other bloggers of which (luckily?) none is a nail blogger. Every two weeks there is a new round and every two weeks one blogger will be eliminated from the battle. Each round has its own theme. The first theme Romy picked was 'sprookjes', Dutch for fairytales!

I wanted to avoid picking the same fairytale as one of the other bloggers so I went with a slightly obscure tale: The Frog Prince (De Kikkerkoning).

The story as we know it now (it used to be more cruel) basically goes like this: a princess drops a golden ball into a spring, a frog wants to get it for her only if he gets to dine with her and sleep in the same bed. She's not to happy about this, but after a kiss he turns into a prince!

From left to right, I painted:
  • A glittery nail (Barry M Princess) for extra princess-ness.
  • The princess with her super kissable mouth
  • The golden ball in the dark and deep spring
  • The frog who fetches the ball for her (wearing a crown to predict his future)
  • Another Barry M Princess nail.

Let's take a look at all the nails separately! :)

The princess looks sort of... I don't know. Like a man. Or... drunk or something. Her face is Zoya Jacqueline, I did the black details with NYC City Blackout and the white ones with a nameless Paris Memories polish. The blue in her eyes is H&M Bella's Choice. Her lipstick is Essie Meet me at sunset.

The spring was made with Sally Hansen Ressurection, a nameless Claire's polish and Barry M Blackberry. I used the saran wrap technique to create a water effect. The golden ball was done using NYC Full Metal Jacket and the nameless Paris Memories polish.

The frog prince looks just as drugged/drunk as his lover due to me not being able to handle a dotting tool but at least he looks cute! The backdrop is Zoya Jacqueline. Our royal amphibian highness has a skin made of MAX Apple Green and a crown made of NYC Full Metal Jacket with lovely Born Pretty Store rhinestones. The black and white are from NYC and Paris Memories.


And this is simply two coats of Barry M Princess! 

So that's my entry for the first round of the battle. I hope I make it to the next round and I can't wait to see the other girls' creations.

Overall I'm quite happy with this nail art! I absolutely love my frog. The princess turned out better than expected on the one hand but more drunk on the other. I really like her mouth and eyelashes but her whole face is sort of out of proportion haha :D. But my freehanding is getting better I guess?

What do you think? Did you ever try painting a princess?

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