Wednesday 18 March 2015

My obsession with orange

Something has changed. I used to be all about greens and blues. And lately I'm suddenly interested in reds, pinks and... oranges. For us Dutch girls it's a strange thing to wear orange, since it's our national colour and we are so used to only wearing it when there's a special occasion. Wearing orange clothes therefore sometimes makes me feel like a bit of a nationalistic freak but when it comes to my nails I love wearing it! Today I'd like to show you the two lovely orange Essie polishes Meet me at sunset and Roarrrrange and some Born Pretty Store stamping. 

First up is Meet me at sunset, two coats. My phone camera could not handle this polish at all. It is not this bright in real life but it is definitely very close to red, as you can tell from the pics.

I bought Essie Roarrrrange on sale and I absolutely love it. This is two coats.

Just when I thought my stamping was getting better this smudged nail-art happened. I do think it looks fun though! I used BPS plate BP-17

Are there any colours you feel are weird to wear?

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