Wednesday 26 December 2012

How I failz mah Nailz

Sometimes, things just don't work out. Here is two manicures gone horribly wrong.. I really wanted to use the polishes from the Technic set my mom bought me.

See pictures and read the horror story after the jump! (18+)

I chose two colours I liked; the purple and the silver one in the top row and made two-toned nails.
That looked quite alright - I don't have any pictures of that phase though.
My next step ruined it all - I tried saran wrap stamping (like I did here)....

It looked sooo terrible waah o.O It reminded me of ugly iridescent chiffon-like fabric... This kind:

So I took that off and I tried a turquoise crackle polish over one of the silver Technic polishes...
I'm pretty sure the silver polish was dry but somehow the crackle polish moved the silver polish around. In this picture everything looks pretty much okay...

 But... what?!

I guess not everyday can be a perfect manicure day (: If you ever experienced a nail polish fail don't be afraid to share!


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