Thursday 13 December 2012


For this manicure I used this post as my inspiration.

I was actually planning to do glow-in-the-dark-watermelon-nails, but the glow in the dark polish I applied somehow responded very weirdly to either my OPI nail envy, or my Essence express dry drops. It lifted up at the sides o.O. I could peel it right off!! It also showed strange white area's, mostly near the sides of the nail.

So I peeled/acetoned that off... and grabbed a polish I had on my 'intending-to-wear-shelf'. Then I saw Full Metal Jacket standing on the table and appealing as that polish is to me I just HAD to combine the two into one manicure (even though I allready wore FMJ earlier this week). VOILA!

As for the colour of the HEMA polish I used... I first wanted to name this manicure Princess Peach but I wasn't sure if this polish actually IS peach-coloured... It seems light pink in some light, then the next moment it looks almost coral or orange...The finish is also very mysterious, I spy shimmer but also bigger shaped particles, so I guess we'll have to call this a subtile glass fleck!

 Here is a bottle shot where you can see the glass flecks. The colour looks totally off in this one haha :')

For this manicure I used:
HEMA - Diamond polish in 01 (I don't think they sell this one anymore)
New York Color - Full Metal Jacket

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