Tuesday 25 December 2012

Polish Presents

Holiday themed nail art! Yay! :D I'm not that big of a Christmas fan but I like matching my nails with special occasions so after seeing all those other beautiful nails online I just had to create something of of my own :D (although I didn't exactly invent this one, I saw many other polish lovers who did a manicure like this one)

The (first - lol) red polish I used is from a big set with 18 (eighteeeen!!!) polishes in it that my mom bought me. The set is from Germany, but I'm not sure where this brand called Technic is originally from or where it is sold. I do know about an eyeshadow pallet from the same brand which was a big hit with Dutch beautyblogs because it was cheap (we Dutch love cheap) and highly pigmented.
To see the set and more pictures... click 'read more'

Drugs. (3,6 ml each)
 After applying one coat of the Technic polish, I used OPI's You only live twice for the second layer. It was not my intention to layer polishes for this manicure, but my boyfriend gave me the OPI polish after I had allready applied the other red :') So I used a present to paint my presents!

 There it is a again - New York Colour Full Metal Jacket... I just can't get enough.

The three stars of this manicure:
 OPI - You only live twice
Technic - (this polish has no name so I named it Perfect Red - with a Santa Hat :D)
New York Colour - Full Metal Jacket

Au revoir ;) And happy holidays!


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