Sunday, 3 February 2013

Liebster Award


Chrissie from +10 Kapow nominated me for this award (thanks again Chrissie)! I read on her blog that "The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 followers".  I think this is a very nice idea! It helps discovering new blogs and with getting more followers (let's just admit it: we all want those :D) It comes with some rules:

1. You must post 11 facts about yourself.
   2. Answer the questions set by the blogger that nominated you. 
3. Choose 11 blogs and link them in your post.
4. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you have nominated them.
6. No tag backs!
Here we go then:

Eleven facts about myself
1.  I have two cats. One meows all the time and the other one drools when you pet her. It's awfully cute :)
2. I can play the piano, but I hardly ever do it anymore.
3. I live in Amsterdam,
4. But I've never tried weed.
5. I'm into lucid dreaming. I started about a year ago and my counter is on 80 now :D
6. I'm currently reading a Dutch translation of 'Cloud atlas' and am loving it.
7. I love horrible ugly kitchy decorations.
8. My favourite movie is 'Singing in the rain'. "Dumdudumduuumm..."
9. I store my polishes in an IKEA Helmer.
10. I don't like goat cheese, goat milk, goat anything.
11.  I do like goats, but I prefer meerkats.

My answers to Chrissie's questions:

1. What is the first word that pops into your head? shoe
2. If you were a Superhero, what would you be called an what super powers would you have? The Evanator! I would be able to fly and be super strong without looking muscular. And I would look totally hot in my leopard print catsuit. Yeah.

3. What mobile/cell phone do you have? I have the Alcatel One Touch 810 and I absolutely love it! I can't use it without people making comments though.
<-- That's my phone :D

4. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and what would you be doing? Swimming in some nice blue sea while eating a 'broodje kroket'.
5. What is your most coveted beauty item? Any pretty nail polish.
6. Favourite food? Sushi?
7. What 3 people (dead or alive) would you choose for your perfect dinner party? My boyfriend, my grandmother (who passed away and he never met) and my cousin Julia. That would be hilarious.
8. What book are you reading at the moment or what have you read most recently? A Dutch translation of "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell

9. You win the lottery, what's the first thing you do? Scream, and shout, and let it all ouuut!! I think I would go on a nice holiday with my BF :D
10. What make-up items do you have in your handbag? Just lip balm/gloss

11. Which season of the year do you prefer and why? That would be spring or summer. I just love wearing dresses and they still look best with bare legs :)

I guess I don't follow that many blogs with under 200 visitors, so I only nominated nine: 
8. The nail polish project
9. Cremes 'n glitters

And those nine have to answer MY questions mwohaha :D

Here they are:

1. What is your favourite nail polish?
2. Can you tell something about a blog post you are planning to do?
3. What did you dream last night?
4. What is a song you listen to a lot right now?
5. What annoyed you today?
6. If you could buy a really big house, would you rather have a jacuzzi or a swimming pool?
7. What celebrity would you like to meet and why?
8. If you could choose any century to live in, which would you pick?
9. Do you have enemies?
10. What piece of clothing would you never wear?
11. Do you have a favourite book?

I hope the nominees will answer my questions, I quite like them haha :D
Now all there's left for me to do is send messages to the tagged girls :)
I hope you all liked reading this post!



  1. Lief dat je me hebt genomineerd maar ik heb niet onder de 200 volgers ;)

    1. Klopt inderdaad! Wat stom dat ik dat niet heb gezien haha :D

  2. heel erg leuk om te lezen! en wat een schattige telefoon haha :D

  3. Wat leuk zeg! Thanks voor het nomineren! Goed dat je geen wiet hebt gerookt hoewel je in Amsterdam woont; don't do drugs! ;) Wat een awesome telefoontje heb je. :) Liefs

  4. Wat leuk, bedankt om me te nomineren! <3 Ik zal je vraagjes met veel plezier beantwoorden :) xx Katrien

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