Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Magnetic nail spirals with new Essence stuff :D

Dear readers, today is a very special day! I got my hands on the magnet pen, new in the Essence collection. I was dying to get it and along with this awesome thingy, I bought a new magnetic nail polish called 'Witch you were here'. I practiced a bit with the pen by layering over yesterday's graffiti manicure and chose to do a full manicure with a spiral design I came up with.

On the bottle of this polish it claims to have a stronger magnetic effect. This claim, I think, is true. Although I can't compare this newer poslish with the older ones, I do own a magnetic nail polish (by Saffron) and the effect of this Essence polish is certainly more spectacular.

And now for a lot more pictures, because the way this polish looks really depends on the light and angle... I love the 3D-effect it creates.

In this picture, the spirals turned into 'S''s?

The colour of this nail polish is such a gorgeous greyish blue (more blue than in the pictures - check out the last picture of this post)! It also has this multicoloured sparkles, so pretty! I tried to capture them...   

 But it didn't really work out so here is a video, haha :D

Essence - Witch you were here
Essence - nail art magnet pen

Who else loves magnetic polish?


  1. Oh, this is awesome ! I had never heard about that magnet pen, it's actually a great idea. I love that "S" shape you made :)

    1. You should get it if they sell Essence where you live :D I actually made a spiral, but it turned out like an 'S' in some pictures. I agree with you though, it looks nice :)

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