Saturday, 2 February 2013

Geometric nails

Finally painted my nails again after being sick for six days! I copied this look by blogger Caroline Burke and used a green MAX nail polish I bought at action for just €0,49 (: (I'm really getting the hang of buying cheap ass polishes these days). I love the colour - I have never seen a green like this.

I really like the simplicity of this manicure! I bet it would look cool in a nude/neon combination as well.

This picture was taken before I started struggling with my nail art brush:

I used:
MAX- apple green
NYC - Full Metal Jacket
Paris Memories - 234  
a long striping nail art brush
and some tape to create the triangle shapes


  1. Wauw, dit is echt gaaf. En zo netjes, dat zou mij echt niet lukken haha. Die groen is mooi. :) Liefs

    1. Ahh gewoon proberen! En die groene is echt prachtig, zeker voor vijftig cent :)

  2. I can never manage to get the triangle shapes right on these, these are very pretty and that green is gorgeous.

    I have nominated your for The Liebster Award. Check out my post


    1. Wow thank you that is so sweet! I hope I can find 11 blogs to tag... haha (:

    2. Yvw. the hardest part of it is definitely finding 11 blogs but with under 200 followers. :)x


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