Friday 3 May 2013

2013 Nail Art Challenge: (2) A polish that's your favourite

Hello there! It's time for the second part (challenge? stage? what shall I call this?) of the 2013 Nail Art Challenge. It was too hard to pick my ultimately favourite nail polish so I decided to use the favourite that was most recently added to my collection: Catrice Mint Me Up. Beware: this post has a  LOT of pictures.

At the Kruidvat Nagelfestival I bought 4 bottles of my favourite nail polish remover, 2 bottles of express dry drops (I'll write something about these soon), and two polishes: Essence L.O.L (such a crazy colour!) and Catrice Mint Me Up.

Catrice Mint Me Up looked lovely in the bottle and sure didn't disappoint me once I applied it. All pictures are taken after applying two coats of polish. Some pictures are with top coat and some are without, you can read which are which in the descriptions. 

Sunlight - no top coat
Sunlight - no top coat
Natural light - with top coat
Flash - with top coat
Sunlight - with top coat
Natural light - with top coat

Mint Me Up is a lovely jade green shade. Without top coat, it doesn't have a lot of shine, but it does have a beautiful multicoloured shimmer (which appears gold unless you look very closely) and interesting bronze flakes/particles - I love this polish :) <3!

Sooooo after staring at my nails for a while I decided to use striping tape - for the first time EVER! This gold striping tape is from Born Pretty Store. I ordered a few new things along with it that I may show sometime :). I love BPS - everything is just very cheap. The shipping might not be too fast but it's free, and everything is very securely wrapped, which I can definitely appreciate.

Born Pretty Nail Art
I decided to just improvise something with the tape and honestly: this was harder than I thought. It was really hard to get the tape in the exact place I wanted it to be... 

Using my all time favourite Full Metal Jacket
When I took off the striping tape, applied top coat and grabbed my bottles of polish to take pictures something horrible happened... I bumped a nail aarggghhh!!! I felt like my accent nail was totally ruined but fortunately it didn't look too bad :).


.. and scissors, of course.. :)
For those of you who wonder how much this polish looks like Butter London's Two Fingered Salute: quite much! The shade is very similar it seems, but TFS has way bigger bronze particles.

Source in picture ^^
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Deze heb ik ook, hij is inderdaad prachtig! :)

  2. wauw dit is wel een erg mooie lak <3

  3. Wauw, deze moet ik hebben! Ook een heel leuk effect met de striping tape :) x

  4. Mint me up is so pretty!


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