Sunday, 26 May 2013

~ Hema Holographic Bordeaux ~

Hola! Holo in tha house today!

My cousin asked me what I would like as a birthday present and I named the new Hema Holographic polishes. She got me Bordeaux & Copper and I'm so happy with them! Although these don't have the strongest holo effect they are very very pretty and budget friendly, being sold at €3,75.

I took way to many pictures and I was thinking: me having to choose between all these pictures takes more time + energy than you guys scrolling a littttleeee bit more than usually!

 In natural light this polish is a nice dusty bordeaux that leans to the purple side.

What I noticed about this polish is that in direct sunlight, it looks mostly like a scattered holo, while in softer sunlight, you get to see a subtile linear rainbow.

[Edit: I forgot to post the small video I made (again - I'm starting to like this whole video thing). Well, here it is!]

After applying Holographic Bordeaux, I read this post on how to apply holographic nail polish. I'm going to do a bit of experimenting with base coats/buffer files when I try the copper shade. It is less sparkly than the bordeaux one so I'm curious about the results!

In case you were wondering why my index finger has a bit of a blue skin: it's because I was experimenting with food colouring and these little water/gelly balls (they're so much fun!):

Enjoy your sunday!
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