Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spring time flower nails with pictorial

(Without top coat)
I am so happy with this manicureeee :D I hope it will make you happy too! I spotted these awesome nails on Caroline Burke's blog. Thanks Caroline for doing such pretty nail design every time, I copied one of your designs before and now I'm doing it again :)! It seems like a lot of nail art bloggers copy designs from others without sharing the source. I think that's rude so if I like and 'steal' your design I'll always let you know and I hope you do the same with me! Now let's start talk about this manicure, and show you way too many pictures ^^.

As my base colour I used NYC Lexington yellow. Finally: my first yellow nail polish! I've been looking for a nice, cheap yellow for quite a while now and the only ones I could find had shimmer. I wanted a creme... so I kept looking and I found this beauty! 

I think three coats of Lexington Yellow would be best. I applied two and still have some visible nail line, but I didn't care because I was going to paint flowers anyway. I was actually happy I didn't go with a third coat because this polish dried fast, but just wouldn't harden!

Here's the flower design broken down into three steps:

1. Paint pink and blue circles on your nails using the brush that comes with your nail polish. They don't have to be perfectly round (which actually means they're not circles but I don't know what else to call them ^^).

2. Choose one or two polishes that are lighter than the ones previously used, and using a small nail art brush, draw curved lines onto your 'flowers'.

3. Using your small brush, paint little green leaves. Use a dotting tool or brush to place a small white dot in the center of each flower.

Now, a final, optional step is to add top coat. I applied Essence's better than gel nails top sealer on my left hand nails, but the top coat smeared out the flowers which made the various colours I used mixed up. I decided not to apply top coat on the right hand because I liked the look better without it :(.

With top coat
With top coat (and flash)
Without top coat
Without top coat
With top coat
Everything I used in one picture:

Essence - 24/7 nail base
NYC - Lexington Yellow
Essence - Let me in pink
Essence - Mashed berries
H&M - Bella's choice
Maybelline - Party blue 
Etos - unnamed pastel blue
Max - Apple green
Paris Memories - #234
Essence - Better than gel nails top sealer
+ A dotting tool and a nail art brush

that was quite a lot of supplies ^^

Thanks for reading and if you like to, please join my 'a polish I hate' giveaway!


  1. Vibrant and colourful, just the way I like it! Love the yellow background and love specially how simple this is to achieve! Beautiful Spring with a touch of Summer mani :D

    1. Thanks Mina! I love the yellow background as well - it's such a happy colour for nails :)


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