Friday 13 February 2015

Lovely layering: Glittery Elderberry

Hi everyone! It's time for MORE BARRY M! I just can't get enough (can you? - if so, I'm sorry. I still have one other polish to try out). Today I proudly present: Elderberry. This polish has such a peculiar greyish blue colour, it's very interesting! 

I layered one coat of Essence Glitter on me on top of Elderberry. Without bar glitter Elderberry looks like this (2 coats, don't mind the bubble on my pinky). It has such a nice shade, it's unlike anything I own.

 I have to say Elderberry looks too grey in my photos. In real life it's a slightly bit more blue, which I think you can see in the pictures where I used the glitter top coat:

Glitter on me did not really impress me. I got it from a friend of my boyfriend's who was clearing out some of her nail polishes. I guess we both don't really like it :P. I'm just not really into bar glitter and the silver glitter in this polish is a little bit too tiny to make it exciting for me. It's also not shiny at all, which pretty much sucks since we're talking about a top coat here.

Essence Glitter on me - bottle shot

 Manicure summary: Barry M Elderberry (2x), Essence Glitter on me (1x), Seche Vite top coat (1x).

What do you think of this combo?

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