Wednesday 4 February 2015

Swatch: Polish Alcoholic Calumma

Today I'm showing you my very first indie nail polish. I really wanted to try indies and some nail bloggers over at the Hobby Polish Bloggers group on Facebook (join it if you want to, it's great!) recommended Polish Alcoholic. Fellow Dutchie Sabrina is the owner of both the Polish Alcoholic blog and Etsy shop. All her polishes are 5-free.

I chose to order Polish Alcoholic Calumma. Google taught me that calumma is a genus of chameleons. I think it's pretty obvious why Sabrina chose this name:

Calumma is multichromatic! This beauty is the chameleon of the polish world.
And pretty polishes need pretty wrapping...

Sabrina describes Calumma as a 'top coat that shifts from cyan to blue to purple to copper'. Since it's a top coat, I applied it over black. The formula is very easy to work with and I needed only one coat to get this amazing result! 

I have to say that I could not see the copper on my nails. I can see it in the bottle, but on my nails the shift stops at this bright pink/purple shade. I think this probably has something to do with the absence of sunlight while I wore Calumma... But copper or no copper, this polish is lovely anyway.

Calumma is pretty shiny on its own, but as we know top coat makes everything better so I applied top coat on top of this top coat (yo dawg...):

With INM top coat
With INM top coat
With INM top coat 
So while the copper refused to show up on my nails, the cyan, blue, purple and even pink are definitely here. Long story short: Calumma is beautiful and I'd recommend it to anyone!

I'm wearing: NYC City Blackout (1x), Polish Alcoholic Calumma (1x).

What was your first indie nail polish?

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