Sunday 15 February 2015

Silver Stamped Flowers

I discovered something about myself: I suck at stamping big images on my nails. But I'm practicing and guess what, this design turned out rather nice!

My base colour is H&M Blue Metal, which I bought on sale for €1,-. It's a blue polish with a suede finish: it has shimmer but dries matte. There is quite a lot of purple in this polish, although it doesn't show in my pictures. I'm wearing two coats.

Look at that shimmer! I think it's lovely.

I stamped using Revlon Silver Screen and an image plate from Born Pretty Store, called BP-20. I got this plate in a surprise bag, together with a plate with images of rabbits (I'll use that one for an easter manicure!). The images on BP-20 are not really my style, it's hard to explain, but the flowers seem 'childish' to me. I do like the design with the interlocked flowers, which is the one I used for this nail art.

I'm not sure how I feel about this manicure - I like how the stamping turned out, but I'm not really into saturated blues like this one. 

If you want to order the image plate I used, or anything else from Born Pretty Store, please use my coupon code ONGK31 for 10% discount! :). 

Manicure summary: H&M Blue Metal (2x), Revlon Silver screen, Born Pretty Store BP-20 plate, Seche Vite top coat (1x).

Do you have any stamping problems?

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