Wednesday 6 May 2015

BBB 2.0 - round #4 [Cocktails]

It's been so long guys! I hope you still remember me. I made it to the fourth round of the Beauty Bloggers Battle on Check out these cockNails! ;)

Soo.. this round's theme is 'cocktails'! Liselot also shared her entry today over at her blog and I'm very impressed... I do hope I can compete with her in the final round... (brace yourself, Liselot!)

 I don't think my nails need a lot of explaining. I basically did a syrup gradient and drew tiny glasses using eyeliner. The white is supposed to be one of those sugar/salt rims!

Products used: 
BOURJOIS Grenadine Tonic
OPI Big hair...Big nails
REVLON eyeliner

 What is your favourite cocktail? 
I love long island iced teas and cosmopolitans!

see you soon,


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