Wednesday 20 May 2015

What Dutch bloggers wear II

Hi everyone! Almost three months ago I showed you some manicures by my Dutch blogger friends (here!). I thought it was about time for a second edition! If you want your nails on display too please e-mail me at

Eva ( did these super fancy black and white nails. 
She says: I created this nail art a while ago. I love simple nail art, so this mani is perfect for me! I used a matte top coat, which I think looks very chic and pretty. 

Patricia ( chose a pretty shade: 
I'm wearing a Cien nail polish in the colour 'Neon Coral', a pretty, eye-catching shade that gives me a summer feeling!

Romy ( did some really cool marble nails! 
Actually... this was a nail art fail. I wanted to follow the marble trend but after 300 failed attempts at water marbling I decided to try something different; I used a plastic sheet. I'm not sure if it looks better though?!

I definitely thinks it looks really cool Romy! (P.S: I also suck at water marbling).

Thanks for sending me your lovely manicures girls! 
I hope you enjoyed seeing the nails of other Ongleterre readers and fellow bloggers.

Next time I'll be back with my own nails ;)


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