Saturday 30 May 2015

Review: BPS 3D flowers + super happy nail art

 - I received this item for review -
Hello dearest readers, how are you doing today? I've been so busy working on my bachelor's thesis! Trying out these cute flowers from Born Pretty Store was a great distraction. Please read on to find out what I think of these happy nail decorations.

What is it I'm reviewing here?
Born Pretty store calls it '2Pcs/set Chic Mini Daisy Nail Studs Colorful Flower 3D Nail Art Decoration'. I'm just calling it 3D flowers! Priced at $0,99, they come with two in a bag and there are 12 available colours. I chose these bright pink ones:

Quality and style
The flowers feel strong and solid and they are very detailed which I absolutely love! But: one of my flowers was a little... deformed.

Perfect flower
Deformed flower
It has a sort of 'extra long petal' and a weird paint job. Fortunately I was able to cut the extra petal off. I do hope that not 50% of all 3D flowers looks like this. In the end, you do only get two and you want both to look gorgeous.

I simply used some top coat to stick the flower onto my ring finger. The flowers have a flat back and because of that they will stick out a bit, especially if your nails are quite curved, like mine. The flowers will get caught in your hair, but I guess that's something you can't avoid when wearing this type of decoration on your nails.

Here are some pictures of my manicure. I absolutely love this mani with it's happy colours and I'm still wearing it as I'm typing this (although the flower fell off).

Products used for my manicure:
FLORMAR Frog prince
CHINA GLAZE Feel the breeze

Pros and cons 
+ The design of the flowers is adorable
+ They come in a lot of colours so you could mix and match

- At $0.99 for two, they are slightly overpriced, mainly because you won't be able to wear them on your nails for a very long time and chances are that when they fall off, you'll lose them. 

If you're willing to take the risk with these adorable daisies, you can get them at Born Pretty Store. Please don't forget to use my coupon code ONGK31 for 10% off! Shipping is free ;)

Did you ever try wearing 3D nails charms? 

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