Thursday 24 January 2013

Something Suzi Said

On facebook, OPI asked followers to post questions for Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the Executive Vice President and Artistic Director of OPI (glad I could found her position on Wikipedia, that's a long title - I'd love to carry it though...). The most 'liked' questions were answered by Suzi, and one of them I found especially interesting and I just had to share with you:

My first thought was this: "WOAAHH THAT LONG?!"
Second thought: "Omg Suzi knows what I'm wearing on my nails two years from now..."
And my final thought, still running to my mind: "I wish I could work with her and help thinking about colours and names" <3 I secretly love it when polishes I buy have only a number and no name... I just make up my own name then ^^

I guess my favourite OPI polishes are Nail Envy and Rainbow connection, Suzi did a great job on that last one. What's your fave?


  1. Right now my favorite OPI is My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It makes such a good base color without being a true white!

    I don't like polishes having numbers for names when it comes to brands that are sought-after. Things like Nfu-Oh. It's hard to keep their numbers straight. Little "one-offs" from individuals stores are less frustrating and I do give them a name:
    So we have that in common!

    1. I noticed many people like My Boyfriend Scales Walls a lot! And you named that polish perfectly, haha :D


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