Friday 4 January 2013

Duochromed 70's

I've been wanting to do a little stamping on top of a duochrome polish for quite a while, and now I finally did it! I don't own a lot of polishes that work for stamping but fortunately GOSH bubble gum does the job pretty well! I used an Essence stamping plate and I noticed that the thin parts of the image did not transfer very well... if anyone has tips on this - let me know! :D
And now for some images...

 This is the duochrome polish on it's own, aint it pretty? It looks a bit like Accesorize Pink Spice or MAC Bad Fairy.

 The stamping plate I used is this one by Essence!

As for polishes I went with:
GOSH - bubble gum
Etos - 101

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