Wednesday 23 January 2013

All I can Confetti

Hello there! Today I have a happy, bright manicure to show you! I bought Catrice I All I can Blue with 50% reduction and I knew I had to do a festive manicure. I took this post from 'The boxes under my bed' as my inspiration.

First the pink, then the white dots...

And I finished it up with turquoise!

To recreate this, use something like:
Catrice - All I Can Blue
OPI - Kiss me on my tulips
Paris Memories - 234
H&M - Bella's choice
and a dotting tool (:

If you want to, share your dotted manicure in the comments!


  1. This style of manicure is SO cute! And easy. ♥ I need to do it some time! =)

    1. I just love how easy this is :D And show me when you do ;)


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