Saturday 26 January 2013

Girly Polkadot French with MAX nail stamps

Hello dear readers (: I was quite excited about doing this manicure because I used something I was curious about to create it. At Action, I found a very cheap nail art stamping kit. Though I allready own two Konad sets, I decided to buy this becayse I didn't have the included plate yet, and it was just €1,- ! It's not the most perfect manicure ever but I thought it was very cute and I wanted to share it :D

About the MAX & MORE Nail stamps:
This kit is amazing! The stamping plate is fun, the stamper does it's job perfectly and I even prefer the scraper over the original Konad one, because it's a one piece plastic thing, which makes it so much easier to clean, AND it doesn't scratch the plate! To make things even better it is bright neon pink! I was one of those girls who uses a plastic card to scrape, but now I'm going to use this little scraper since it's so much cuter ^^

The only downside of this kit is the included stamping polish. It's not opaque enough, and the bottle is the absolute tiniest bottle of nail polish I have ever seen, haha :D Just look at it!

I found stamping a French design very hard! It's so hard to get it straight... anyway, after stamping and adding stickers from this sheet: 

I managed to turn this:

 Into this:

I love the base colour by the way, it's just the sweetest light pink shade (:

I used:
H&M - Pink skies
NYC - City Blackout
Action MAX & MORE nail stamps
Essence nail art stickers

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