Friday 5 December 2014

Green saran wrap nails

Hi everyone, happy Sinterklaasavond to the Dutchies! ;) When I did saran wrap nails for Emma about two weeks ago, I realised again how awesome, easy and beautiful this type of nail art is. So I decided to wear it again. I love greens so I picked out Max & more Petrol and #15 from Flying Tiger to create this mani.

I assume most of you know how to do a saran wrap manicure, but in case you didn't, here's the steps:

  1. Apply a base colour
  2. Add a layer of a second colour
  3. 'Ruin' the top layer by dabbing a tiny ball of saran wrap on the nail
  4. Apply top coat to finish the look!

I hope this pictorial I found will make it more clear:

Source: nailderella


For this manicure I used:
Max & more Petrol, Flying Tiger #15, saran wrap, INM Out the door.

Do you love saran wrap nails as much as I do?

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