Sunday 28 December 2014

Jelly sandwich with Revlon Girly

Hey everyone! Today is all about Revlon Girly, the last polish that I had to test from the little Revlon nail polish set that I bought in October.

Revlon Girly has a pink jelly base with hexagon shaped glitter. I find it hard to describe the colours of the big hexagons. I think some would call them blue, purple, and pink, and others would say they are purple, dark pink, and lighter pink. Apart from the big hex glitter there's smaller pink holographic glitter.

I'm wearing three coats in these photo's.

I liked the polish, but I wasn't blown away. It didn't have great coverage and somehow it just didn't work for me. Maybe I should have just added some top coat, but instead I decided to do a jelly sandwich using a polish from Essence (okay well not a sandwich because I didn't use the Essence polish as a base). I think this looks way better!

TL;DR: I do not really like wearing Revlon Girly on it's own. I think it is a polish that should be layered on top of a creme or in between two coats of a jelly. But however you wear this one, it definitely has very nice glitter!

For the last (and first) picture(s) I used: three coats of Revlon Girly, one coat of Essence Soda Pop & Candy Shop. No top coat.

What do you think of this nail polish?

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