Wednesday 3 December 2014

New stuff: November

Hi everyone! In this post I will show you all the new things that I have collected over the month of November.

I forgot to include my new water decals in the overview picture:

Oh, what a happy moment it was when I received these free decals from Born Pretty Store. Check them out in this post.

I had run out of my Essence express dry drops and got a new bottle on a 1+1 sale (the other thing I bought was a black liquid eyeliner). I love this stuff! Why? Read it here.

At Intertoys (a Dutch toy store), I found this pretty looking polish from This is it: Coral. I already tried this and it looks so bad on me that I decided to give it a new life through a giveaway (I will post more pictures and a Rafflecopter in a week or so).

I felt blessed when I found this beauty, OPI Get your number, for only €4,99 at Big Bazar. Swatches can be found here.

This pretty Rimmel nail polish called Coralicious was reduced in price as well. It's a great shade, swatches will be up on the blog soon!

At  Big Bazar again (I love that place) I found this Dove Visible Effects hand cream. If anyone wants to see a review for this, please let me know. I'm very pleased with it so far.

Somehow, my striping tape went missing. So I ordered ten new rolls on Ebay. The seller I got them from does not sell them anymore, but you can order them here for just $0,99 for 10. The colours I got are (from top do bottom): holographic purple, purple, gold, green, white, silver, pink, blue, red and holographic gold. I do not care much about the colours though, I usually do not leave the tape on.

Did you buy anything nice last month? 

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