Friday 12 December 2014

Winter nails tutorial: snow and mittens

Hello there dear readers! I wrote a guest post in Dutch for Kimberly at Sokimberly (thanks for asking me to do so Kimberly!). For L'Ongleterre I made an English version. It's a tutorial for these cute mitten nails that I'm quite pleased with!

Here's what you'll need:
  1. A small nail art brush
  2. A slightly bigger brush
  3. Top coat (I'm using INM Out The Door)
  4. Grey nail polish (this is Catrice Pebble beach)
  5. Red nail polish (mine is Essie Meet me at sunset)
  6. White nail polish (this one is by Paris Memories)
  7. Black nail polish (this is NYC City Blackout)
  8. Saran wrap + scissors (not on the photo)
Let's get started!! Start with clean nails and apply base coat.

Apply one coat of white nail polish. It does not have to perfectly cover your nails. Make sure the white nail polish is fully dry before you move on.

Now it's time to create some 'snow'. Cut your saran wrap into small sheets and press those  into tiny balls. You have to work fast during the following steps and it's important to do just one nail at a time. First, apply one coat of grey nail polish:

And quickly dab on the nail with one of your saran wrap balls, thus 'destroying' the grey layer:

As you can see, I did not wait long enough for the white nail polish to dry. There are some bald spots on my middle finger, where the saran wrap picked up not only the grey but also the white polish.

We have some snow now, it's getting cold so let's put on our mittens! Draw two rectangles on your ring and middel finger, using the black nail polish and the smallest brush.

Continue drawing the mittens like this:

When the black nail polish has dried, fill the mittens with red nail polish, using your bigger brush.

And add some details with black!

 Now all we need is some top coat and we're all done!

Unfortunately one of my mittens got a little smudged :(

My freehanding is definitely not perfect yet but I really enjoyed doing these nails. I hope you like them too!

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