Thursday 7 March 2013

~ Apple Berry Smoothie ~

I knew I wanted one of Rimmel's new 'Cocktail Colours in a flash' polishes (they were on sale!YAY!), but it was kind of hard to pick one... I'm glad I chose 'apple berry smoothie' though, it is so pretty! It has the perfect 'average blue' shade... not very special but still not boring (grrreaaat description haha)!

  I'm wearing three coats. If you look close enough, you still see a visible nail line, but because of the shine this beauty has it's hardly noticable.

The shimmer in Apple Berry Smoothie is very interesting. The particles are bigger than usually. The finish reminds me of glass flecked polishes.

Not only does this polish contain interesting shimmer, it also seems to be multichrome! The effect is hardly ever visible though - which is sad because it looks so pretty.

 Here you can see that on the left side of the nails, there is a more purple colour, and on the right a more green shade. This last picture of the bottle shows how pretty this effect can be:

Lacquerista's who like blue and shiny should really get this polish! :D 
Did anyone else buy one of the Cocktail Colours polishes?


  1. This is stunning! I love all the colors that shine out of it! It's awesome!

    1. Hehe yeah I keep tilting my nails to try and see those pretty colours... people must think im crazy. Or just very obsessed. Which is sort of true...

  2. I just love this colour- it is so deep and shiny!

    1. Deep is such a good word for this one! The big shimmer really gives it dimension :)


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