Saturday 16 March 2013

Google Reader discontinued

I guess most of you already read this somewhere, but google reader won't be with us anymore as of July 1, 2013. I don't think this will affect Google Friend Connect, so if you follow my blog through GFG nothing is going to change.

If you DO use Google Reader, you can follow me in a lot of other ways, which are in the right sidebar of my blog:
1. Hellocotton. Also a very fun way to find new blogs and communicate with other bloggers. I love Hellocotton's tracking option, where you can view blogposts about stuff you like, also from people you don't follow yet.
2. Bloglovin'. Just super useful! Bloglovin' has a special option now, you can import blogs from Google Reader when you go to your Bloglovin' account settings.
3. RSS. Just pick a different reader than Google Reader ;)
4. Google Friend Connect, to be found in the sidebar (if I'm right about the fact that nothing is changing there)
5. And finally: e-mail. Subscription box is in the sidebar.

I guess Bloglovin' is the best option because it lets you import all your blogs :)

Do you guys have a favorite way of following blogs? I think I like Bloglovin' the best.

Finally, to make this post more fun: here is a very cute and funny pinguïn video:

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