Wednesday 27 March 2013

Norwegian Bad Boys That Surf (sounds good right?)

Hey guys! I'm sorry if this is getting boring - but here is another blue manicure! I treated myself at H&M yesterday and bought two new nail polishes, a cute coral one and the one I'm using today: Norwegian Sky. I keep thinking it's called Norwegian Wood because of The Beatles and Haruki Murakami... Anyway, it's very pretty :).

In the bottle, Norwegian Sky has the prettiest multichrome shimmer. But on the nail.. it's not that visible:

 Here are some bottle shots showing the shimmer.

--> Blue
--> Purple
 --> Orange
--> All three <3

I applied two coats of Norwegian Wood. It was quite thick and goopy, which I didn't really like. But I soon adapted my 'painting style' and that made the application a bit easier :). The way you paint your nails really changes depending on the substance of the polish and the shape and size of the brush, right?

I did a bit of nail art using tape, pinking shears and a silver striper. I must say I quite like the result! Very simple but really nice and sparkly in the sun!




Here are the polishes I used:

H&M - Norwegian Wood
Essence - Silver Surfer
Essence - I love bad boys


  1. Norwegian Wood looks so great ! Unfortunately, they don't sell those polishes in H&M shops near to my town... They only have minis *sigh*

    1. Well I could always send you one if you want me too :) Or you'd have to shop somewhere else.

    2. That's so sweet to you :) ! But I already ask my brother to check out at the store near where he lives, I hope he can find this beauty ! Thank you :D

    3. No problem! I hope he does it get it for you (:


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