Sunday 3 March 2013

Cute? Check!

Hello nail polish lovers (: Spring seems to be coming and so today I really really felt like wearing pastels! So I grabbed my NYC mint macaroon polish and stamped a golden checker print on the top. The result? A very cute pastel manicure:

I love this polish! It's just the perfect mint green :)

For the stamping I used NYC Full Metal Jacket. I read somewhere that this polish was suitable for stamping and I decided to give it a try. I'd say it works pretty good!

 The lovely lacquers featuring in this manicure:
NYC - Mint Macaroon
NYC - Full Metal Jacket
Essence - Better than gel nails quick drying top sealer
( + Essence stamping plate and Konad stamper)

Ohh I cut my nails by the way, and even though they don't seem that much shorter I had hard time getting used to the adaption haha, I even had trouble texting... go me (:

I wonder: what is your favourite pastel polish?


  1. Mooie manicure, die gouden ruitjes zien er heel leuk uit! Mijn favoriete pastel nagellakjes zijn ook Mint Macaroon van NYC en Bond With Whomever van Essie (nieuwe lentecollectie). Echt een prachtig lila kleurtje... :) Mijn eerste Essie trouwens ^^

    1. Thanks! En oehh die is ook mooi zeg! Lijkt een beetje op lavender cupcake van NYC maar dan iets warmer van kleur :D Essie is fijn he?

    2. Ik denk het wel, maar ik ben nu een 'challenge' aan het doen om mijn nagels langer en sterker te maken. De beloning is dan dat ik mijn eerste Essie lakje mag opdoen op mijn mooie lange nagels :) Maar bij de meeste mensen zijn de ervaringen wel goed, dus ^^

  2. This is really cute!
    It reminds me of a picnic blanket :-D

    1. Thank you! And a picnic blanket in these colours would be awesome... :D

    2. Yeah, that's right ^_^

      I nominated you for the best blog award :-D

    3. Oh wow thanks, that is very sweet!! I just got an award like this one though, with 11 questions and for bloggers with under 200 followers so I'm going to skip, but thanks anyway!


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