Wednesday 27 March 2013

New: Ciaté chalkboard nails

Did you see this yet?

Maybe you did but I really wanted to share this! After caviar, foil and velvet kits Ciaté launches this 'chalkboard nail' kit. It contains a black base colour, four chalk pens and a mattifying top coat.

I think this is pretty awesome but I wonder if there is a way to recreate this without having to buy this kit... Any ideas? (:


  1. Awesome :-) Ik ben leerkracht, dus zou het tof zijn als ik met deze nagellak voor de klas zou gaan staan ;-)

  2. This looks very interesting. Can't wait until people make swatches of it!

  3. Zwart, random nail art met pennen en whatnot en mattifying topcoat? :)

    1. Ja maar ze noemen het 'chalk pens'.. zien er wel uit als normale stiften though :P


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