Friday 7 November 2014

Nail art copy: Chanel A/W 2012-2013 using Revlon polishes

Hello manicure mavens! ;) Today I'm going to show you my copy of some nail art that was rocked by models during the Chanel show for autumn/winter 2012-2013. I wanted to try out my new Revlon polishes and this seemed like the perfect manicure for that.

Here are some pictures of the original manicure. I adore it! I've never seen the combination pink/silver look so classy. 


To copy this look, I started out with one coat of Revlon Silver Screen and it was more challenging than I had expected. The brush was very crooked, it looked like this:

This made the polish hard to apply. Silver Screen has this metallic/frosty finish so that complicated things even further for me. Metallic polishes need really neat application to look good and well... the brush didn't really help with doing that. 

Silver Screen, one coat
So that is what Silver Screen looks like on my nails after applying one coat. The coverage of Silver Screen is great and it dries pretty fast. The surface of my nails is not smooth enough to rock this polish though but I think some top coat would help! 

After applying two coats of Sally Hansen Bubbly (in short: applies nicely, dries slowly) and one coat of INM my nails looked a lot like the Chanel ones! (Excuse the lack of variation in angle in these photo's)

I just LOVE this inverted french/extended Ruffian/incomplete border manicure (if anyone has a good name for it please let me know). It looks so great and it it is very easy to do - it's just like painting smaller nails, but as if they are on top of your own nails. I will definitely do this type of mani again.

How do you feel about this inverted french mani? Have you ever tried it?


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