Wednesday 26 November 2014

Painting my friends' fingernails

Hello everyone! Today is a special day because I'm not going to show you my own nails, but my friends'! On a lovely Sunday afternoon I did some manicures for four friends.  It is so much fun to do other people's nails but it is also such a challenge! Everything is different, shape, length, the angle you're painting in... Anyway, let's have a look at my friends' fingernails!

1) My friend Laetitia loves to wear dark colours on her nails. She chose to wear OPI Vampsterdam and I suggested to apply some rhinestones to make things look a little more interesting. Out of the ten different shades of rhinestones that I showed her she chose a pretty purple shade (the pictures are really blurry, I'm sorry about that!).

Used polish: OPI Vampsterdam

2) Emma saw a dark green/mint saran wrap design on one of my nail wheels and she knew she had to have that kind of style on her nails as well. When I told her she could pick her own two colours she was very surprised ("Did you use two polishes for this..?!"), yet excited, because it meant that she could wear her favourite colour: blue!

Used polishes: Technic (nameless) and Maybelline Party blue

3) Friend number three, Cleo, found a picture online of a gradient design. But she also really liked my textured polishes... so we decided to do a mix up!

Used polishes: Kiko #644, Zoya Jacqueline, Sally Hansen Resurrection

4) Last but not least: Julie. She was very fascinated by all the designs in my Wah Nails Book of Nail Art ("Leopard print, nice!" - "Eyeballs? Ew!") and wanted to rock this striped design. She chose the shades herself and together we decided what direction to put the stripes in.

I had such a hard time to get the nail polish of the girls' fingers and cuticles, I really have to buy acetone for cleaning up. Not only their fingers looked like a mess, my table looked like this:

Concluding, it was a messy but fun day. Thanks guys for coming over and letting me go nuts on your nails! And thanks to Lesley from Lemon Lacquer. Her 'Friend's Fingers Friday' posts inspired me to paint my friends' nails. Be sure to check out her blog!

Did you ever try painting a friend's nails?

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