Sunday 30 November 2014

The Monthly Man-icure: November

Hello pretty polish pals (am I getting too creative with my greetings now?)! It's time for the second monthly man-icure (check out the last edition here). This time my boyfriend Sebastian (or for short: Seb) chose two nail polishes by Catrice.  

The nail polishes are called Strawberry BAYquiri (red) and Waikiki Peach (peach). 

This is why Seb chose these colours: "I've always had a passion for orange/reddish sunsets, and these nail polishes reminded me of this beautiful spectacle." 

I decided that I wanted to do a gradient but also use striping tape. That was sort of a bad decision, haha.

My opinion: I like both nail polishes, but somehow I failed to make this mani work. I think it is because texture on top of texture with striping tape in between makes the polishes blend too much. Textured polishes might need a base coat that has a regular finish. 

His opinion: "I was surprised by the texture of the nail polish and the stripes."

He chose:
Catrice - Waikiki Peach
Catrice - Strawberry BAYquiri.

How do you like Sebastian's choices and my design?

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