Saturday 15 November 2014

Velvet Skittlette (and mini review)

A while ago I showed you the nail stuff that I bought in October. Among them was a 'velvet effect' set. Although the accent on my pinky is not very obvious, this is a skittlette that I did using W7 Metallic jupiter and the So me velvet effect set. In this post I will show you some pictures of my manicure and I will also shortly review the set.

The velvet effect set contains 9 ml of nail polish, a tube of 'crushed velvet' (as it says on the packaging) and a small brush to clean up the nails and fingers. I bought this set for €1,09 at Action. 

The nail polish needs two coats to cover your nails. I really like the colour and the formula was fine, but smell of this polish was horrible. This is something that I often experience with cheaper nail polish. The 'crushed velvet' was very easy to apply and the brush was perfect for removing the excess velvet parts! What I really like about the velvet is that it's not just purple but has some pink in it as well.

But this manicure does not only feature the velvet set. I also used W7 Metallic jupiter, which is a lovely black polish with multichrome shimmer.

Look at this bottle shot! Such a lovely nail polish.

As for the durability of my velvet nails, I'm actually quite impressed! Below you can see a picture of the mani on day two. It is important to lightly press on the velvet once it's applied. I forgot to press the velvet down on my middle finger and as you can tell, there's not a lot of it left on that nail. My ring finger looks good though!

After one day of wearing the mani

TL;DR: This cute velvet set sales for €1,09 at Action. The nail polish needs two coats. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product. It both looks and feels good. ;)

I used: 

  • So me Velvet effect set
  • W7 Metallic jupiter

Did you ever wear velvet nails?

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