Friday 2 January 2015

L'Oréal White gold swatch and review

Hi dearest readers! Happy new year to all of you! My first post of 2015 is a review of L'Oréal White gold. 

The most important thing about any nail polish, for me at least, is the colour. And man, do I love the colour of White gold. It has this perfect white gold shade (doh...). I do not really like very yellow golds so this one is perfect for me. If you inspect it up close you'll notice that there are silver glitters in the nail polish. The combination of a cooler toned gold and silver gives this nail polish it's fancy white golden shade.

The formula and brush of this nail polish are great. The brush is rounded and quite flat, which I like. The polish applied evenly, even though it is a glitter.

Artifical light
The coverage of White gold is perfect. If you have short nails or prefer to apply slightly thicker coats you will only need one coat of nail polish to finish your manicure. I used two because in certain light I saw my nail lines.

Artifical light
The drying time is very short. This polish sort of reminded me of textured shades as for the drying time and application. It also dries to a pretty gritty, textured-like finish. The removal was also sort of like that of textured polishes. It was definitely easier than removing glitter polish, but harder than removing a creme.

The durability of this polish is not too good if you do not use top coat. On day two I already had small chips on four nails. On day three eight of my nails showed chips.

TL;DR: Great formula, brush, drying time, coverage. I love the finish and the colour, but top coat is recommended for longer wearing.

What do you think of this nail polish? 
And what type of gold is your favourite?

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