Sunday 11 January 2015

Swatch: Orly Mirrorball

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you an amazing silver holographic polish: Orly Mirrorball. This polish is from Orly's holiday collection of 2014. When I first saw swatches of this I knew I had to have it. It's beautiful! 

Mirrorball is a silver polish with two types of holographic particles: very small shimmer that shows a soft linear holo, and bigger holographic glitter. I really love the addition of these bigger glitters, it gives the polish more oomph! I'm wearing three coats in these pictures. In the first picture and the last four one coat of INM Out the Door was added as a top coat.

Artificial light

While I was waiting for the tram I took a few more pictures in very bright, white light. I think these represent what Mirrorball looks like in the sunshine. In these pictures I'm wearing one coat of INM Out the Door on top of Mirrorball.

White artifical light

White artifical light

White artifical light

I love this polish so much! It's really hard to stop staring at it.

(had to include this meme)
Yes, really. Even though it has quite a pale, neutral colour (which is not something I usually like) Mirrorball has stolen my heart. I love the combination of linear holo and holographic glitter. Well done Orly! 

By the way, I had to file my nails in a more round shape because 6 out of 10 nails had broken corners... I think my next step is to make them shorter and more squoval. 

Dutch readers, I have good news for you. I ordered this polish at, a Dutch webshop. There is currently a 30% discount on all Orly products so if the price or availability of Orly was a problem for you before, you now have no excuses not to order this stunner!

 Who else loves Mirrorball?!

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