Wednesday 7 January 2015

Nail fail: syrup manicure

Dear readers, today I'm showing you a nail fail. I decided to try a syrup manicure and the result did not quite please me...
This picture makes it look better than it was :o
In the picture above, the manicure looks better than it did in real life! How often does that happen with pictures of nails?

As for the manicure, for those who do not know what a syrup manicure is (I just figured it out about two weeks ago), it's an ombre look done with a jelly nail polish. The finished nails look as though they were dipped in syrup! You just build up layers like this:

Three layers
Four layers
 I used six layers of Bourjois Grenadine tonic to finish my nails. The syrup effect wasn't very convincing and my nail line was still visible... which is why I consider this manicure a failure. Maybe I'll try again using a base colour. Here's some more pictures, you be the judge.

I used: Bourjois Grenadine Tonic, no top coat (look at that shine!)

I'll just say it again: I'm not too pleased. What do you think?

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