Sunday 18 January 2015

Simple tape manicure with Barry M

Hi guys! It's time for some more Barry M! I did a really simple tape manicure with Barry M Blueberry and Coconut.

I started of with applying two coats of Coconut. I'm so glad to own this polish! I really needed an off-white shade. Here it is in between my perfect white from Paris Memories and the nail polish I used to pretend was the perfect off-white: Zoya Jacqueline.

 It was hard to capture these white shades, but let me tell you that Jacqueline is far more yellow and dark than Coconut. Coconut seems to be really pink here, that's not exactly the case.

I applied one thick coat of Blueberry to create this simple geometrical look. I love Blueberry, it has the most perfect cornflower blue shade.

For this manicure I used: Barry M Coconut (1x), Barry M Blueberry (1x), Seche Vite (1x) and scotch tape.

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